Printed lampshades

Lampshades can be printed with logos, text inscriptions, big or small photos, reproductions, drawings or shapes. We can print them all. We print our textile shades using modern screen and digital printing technology regardless of the shape, size or material. The printed image is always absolutely identical regardless of shape, size and material of the shade. We can turn your design ideas into reality. No matter if you desire a picture, drawing or a text inscription, all combinations are possible. We assist you with styling, choosing and obtaining the images, as well as advising you in matters of light configuration and light distribution. Make your lampshades a brand advertising vehicle or a creative design element with a distinctive aesthetic message. Our special skills and methods offers hotels, restaurants, shipping lines, shopfitters, reception rooms and designer-oriented firms new possibilities of expression. Custom printing with the perfect finishing touch.

If you want something other than a logo: Select another associated motiv and we will obtain it for you, alternatively we can make the decision together. After selection a printable file is generated. We can also convert your existing image into a printable file. Even your companies’ colours are printable.

Printing on the outside
Bedruckung außen

The lampshades can be produced in all of our known shapes and any desired size up to a maximum diameter of 2 metres. We adjust your image to suit the size of the lampshade. Therefore for example table- and floor lamps will harmonised with a large ceiling pendulum lamps.

Printing on the inside
Bedruckung innen

Lampshade can also be printed on the inside. This can be done on white foil or white chintz fabric.

This provides possible applications in showrooms: e.g. The printed image of grass fits thematically to a running shoe that is positioned underneath the lampshade. This will not only put a spotlight onto the running shoe, but also provide an optical association.