Fabrics and foils with specific functions

The lampshade is predestined for the realization of creative and design-oriented ideas. It’s shape, size and colour can be individually chosen and combined. But, the laws of physics also apply when choosing the right fabric or foil for your lampshade. For instance, when high temperature produced by the light source will require the use of special heat resistant foils and fabrics. Our problem-solving materials are listed below.

Washable Chintz
Chintz abwaschbar

There are many sectors where washable fabrics represent the ideal solution, for instance in hotels, restaurants and public rooms. For more than 20 years our product range has included washable fabrics in white and beige. The impregnation is virtually indestructible, offering genuine long-term protection with no ifs and buts. Ask for a sample and test it for yourself. See for instance how liquids simply run off of the fabric, or how easily marks can be wiped away. This is the high quality we stand for.

Fire resistand fabrics and foils
Schwer entflammbare Stoffe und Folien

We also offer fire-resistant fabrics and foils that meet the specifications of DIN 4102 part B1 (EN 13501-1). We will gladly provide you with samples showing the available colours on request.

Acoustic fabrics
Schallabsorbierende Stoffe

Acoustic fabrics are predestined to be used on the bottom of pendulum lamps. The weave of this stretch-fabric substantially improves the acoustic in any room. With a sound absorption rate of 0.40 it operates like a sponge, collecting the sound waves and preventing reflection. In addition the fabric weave complies with the fire safety standard DIN 4102 part B1.

Non-transparent and transparent foils
Blickdichte Folien

The non-transparent foil doesn’t let any light through at all. Maybe you want to emphasize the inner color of the shade? Or do you want the light only to be directed up and down?

Klare Folien

On the other hand, with the use of clear transparent foils, the light source is always visible.

Temperature resistant foils
Wärmebeständige Folien

Temperature resistant foils are used when a lighting source has a high ambient temperature. A further reason may be the relative proximity of the light source to the foil. The general miniaturization of lights due to the LED-technology has resulted in the increased use of temperature -resistant foils

Primarily PVC-foils (softening point temperature 60°C), Polyester (130°C) and rarely Polycarbonat (160°C) are in use.

See our download section to find all technical information about the foils.