Additional design- and functional elements

With the following elements, lampshades can be optically adapted or visually upgrade.

Gestell mit Folie

Braids or colored frames can be matched to the lamp color. The shade and the lamp then harmonize and compliment each other.

Borte aus Textil

Braids can be manufactured from natural fabrics …

Borte aus Kunststoff

… or synthetic materials. Available colours are gold, silver and copper.

The choice of braids can be found in our specialist trade catalogue. See our download section to download the catalogue.

Top and bottom cover
Dächer und Böden

Covers can be installed at the top and the bottom of the lampshade. The bottom cover can be fitted with or without an air gap.

A cover prevents the inside of the lampshade being seen. We recommend the leaving of an air gap on the top cover so that the heated air can escape upwards.

Using a different color than the lampshade the covers can also serve as a creative element.

(1) The lampshade in the photo has a bottom cover with an air gap.

Dächer und Böden

(2) The lampshade in the photo has a bottom cover without an air gap.


A mesh-top kills two birds with one stone – in the truest sense of the word. On the one hand heated air can escape upwards. On the other hand insects can’t fly into the lampshade. Provided there is also a bottom cover the lampshade stays clean inside.