Specialist retailers – The sales concept

The idea: Win over customers by selling individual lampshades.
Offer them individually designed lampshades for their already existing lights.
Exchange old for new.

The benefits

Lampshades can be manufactured in a range of different shapes and sizes. This allows the customer to create the lampshade according to his own taste. In combination with the wide selection of fabrics and materials, individual customer requirements can be fulfilled. Firstly, with your help, the customer chooses the desired model to fit the existing lights. Then using our catalog and fabric samples as a decision-making aid, you help the customer creates the desire lampshade.

Furniture stores, DIY outlets etc. that are in competition with you, can only offer this service insufficiently or not at all. With your competent and individual advice you will always stand out from your competitors. Customer loyalty and satisfaction along with a comparatively high-income return will be achieved. Word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied customers is a very powerful tool that attracts new clientele. A unique selling proposition can be established by means of classified advertisements in regional newspapers. For example, an advertisement for ‘custom-made lampshades’ can support and help make the most of your marketing and business planning.

The sales arguments

  • The customer can bring in his own ideas and wishes regarding the shape, size, colour and fabric of the lampshade.
  • Replacing the lampshade is less expensive than buying new lights.
  • Lübke & Driller lampshades are still available even after many years. Our company is nearly 50 years old.
  • All of our lampshades are exclusively manufactured at our premises in Arnsberg. Your customer purchases a real ‘made in Germany’ product.