Serial production

The combination of manual skill, experience, machines and software that have been specially developed for us means that our customers can rely on absolute series precision. Especially for very small and very large lampshades, this expertise is essential.

Serienfertigung Lampenschirme

The process of series production is divided into individual procedures. Raw materials and the semi-finished product are routed from one production point to the next – manufacturing of frames and rings, plotting, laminating, cutting to size and rolling up. Our experienced staff ensure a reliable and constant high level of quality in series production. As a result: lampshade series of the same type have an identical appearance as well as constant high quality.

This is of special benefit to our customers who reorder over a long period of time. For example shopfitters and restaurant owners. This means we are still able to manufacture and deliver reorders over a long period of time, even if our customer does not offer the lampshade in his product portfolio anymore. They can rely on us – this is our way to work – our way and no other.