Frame production

We attach great importance to strength and durability. Therefore we make all the frames ourselves instead of buying them in from outside. We buy the wire as coils or rods that are custom-made for us. To prevent oxidation in conjunction with the lampshade glues, the iron wire is coated with a thin copper alloy. Our machines are able to bend wire with a gauge of up to 6 mm in multiple dimensions and in all desired and geometrical shapes. We are even able to handle large diameters with high-precision results. In addition to that our machines weld the wire together by the use of exact end-to-end welding technology. This prevents dimensional fluctuations and saves production time. The lampshade sturdiness is a priority, that is why we take care when building the frames to produce a dependable product. Our fully automatic machines welcome creative geometries. And thanks to short setup times, they can also be used for special products and small batch runs. We store and file the parameters for each shape guaranteeing identical dimensions for further orders.


All our frames and ring sets are made in-house on our wire-bending and spot-welding machines. Because stability and shape retention of our shades is so important to us, we use wire of the same gauge through-out the entire frame, including the non-supporting struts. The most important element however, is a pair of experienced hands and sensitive fingertips, these bring the wire and tools together, and feel whether geometries and welds are just as they should be. They give the frame its hand-crafted soul. It’s a shame that this skill is invisible on the finished frame.