Made in Germany

‘Our way and no other’ – lampshades by Lübke & Driller. What ‘Made in Germany’ stands for …

Bedeutung "Made in Germany"
  • … development and production: All under one roof – there is no easier and faster way.
  • All production steps are carried out, in house, by Lübke & Driller. The materials and the processes are coordinated so that we can offer our customers short development and delivery times. This also applies to new models and custom-made products.
  • We use 5mm wire for models with a diameter of more than 80 cm. This ensures dimensional stability for our lampshades. The 5 mm wire allows larger and therefore stronger welding points on the lampshade frame. The result: Our frames are solid. We produce our smaller frames using 3.5 mm wire.
  • Our wire is made of copper alloy steel, this prevents corrosion. This is often not the case with imported shades.
  • Our chintz fabrics are sufficiently dense because we only use high quality materials. The sheen on the carrier foil inside the lampshade results in the light being reflected and scattered. Therefore single light spots – caused by the light sources – are invisible. Because we use antistatic foil the inside of the lampshade stays clean and free of dust.
  • All the materials we use are carefully matched. For example, the seam is closed with a special glue which gives a narrow, straight and solid bond.
  • Our years of experience in the warehousing and dispatch departments ensures the proper handling of packaging and transport.